The Scandal of Incarnational Apologetics

incarnationalUntil recently I had never heard the term “incarnational apologetics.” At its most basic, incarnational apologetics means that the way we live as Christians is as much a part of our defense of the faith as the historical reliability of the Gospels or the various arguments for the existence of God.

According to David Wheeler, professor of evangelism at Liberty University…

… both the incarnational and informational approaches combine to create an authentic message. The holistic combination of a Christian who is well prepared informationally to defend his faith, combined with one who actually lives out his beliefs incarnationally as a transforming expression of Christ, is what powerfully speaks to non-Christians and compels them to receive Christ as their personal savior.

It seems silly that, as Christians, we have to remind other Christians to live like Christians: Be kind. Be generous. Forgive those who hurt you. Help those who need help. Let the joy of Christ emanate from you like the light that shoots from the Doctor when he’s regenerating.  [Continue reading]

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“The Wind and the Lion” (1975) Taught Me that Some Things are Worth Fighting For

The Wind and the Lion

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What Jackson Browne Gets Wrong (and Right) About Christians


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Christmas has Multiple Personality Disorder, which makes Everything OK

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